Home Additions that Bring the Most Bang for Your Buck

It’s no secret that renovating a home can significantly add to its value. After all, there are dozens of shows dedicated to it on TV today. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home to live in or you’re just trying to get the highest resale value possible, here are a few updates you can make to a house to get the most bang for your buck.



A freshly renovated kitchen can have the largest effect on a home’s value. Many people view the kitchen as the heart of the home as it’s a space we all spend a lot of time in each day. A beautiful kitchen can be a statement piece for the entire home and a focal point of the main living space. When touring a home, it’s usually the first place prospective buyers look and can have a massive effect on their decision making. If you can only update one room, the kitchen should be your first choice.



Besides the kitchen, the next best place to invest your time and money is in your home’s bathrooms. An outdated bathroom can quickly turn a prospective buyer away almost as fast as an outdated kitchen. While bathrooms are relatively small spaces in a home, their return on investment can be tremendous. If your budget allows you to renovate at least one bathroom in your home, jump on the opportunity while you can. Buyers can usually envision what a living room or bedroom will look like with their furniture, but an updated bathroom is a lot harder to imagine when all you have to look at is outdated tile and a stained bathtub.



If you think about it, we all usually spend about one-third of our day in the bedroom. If you’re spending that much time in one space, you should want to enjoy your time spent there. A bedroom is typically one of the easiest and most budget-friendly rooms to renovate. New paint, flooring and a few minor details can change the entire feel of a bedroom almost overnight. Furthermore, if your home lacks bedroom space, it’s not a bad idea to add an extra room or two as a home addition. Transforming a house from having two bedrooms to three or four can translate into a massive increase in resale value.


If you can make updates or additions to your home, do it. If you plan to live there for a while or if your goal is to resell it immediately, renovating key areas like the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms can bring a massive return on your investment. The experts at NEFCON can help walk you through the renovation process and pinpoint areas of your property you should update to bring the most bang for your buck. Call us at 904-288-9834 to get started today!