The Benefits of Building a Custom Commercial Space

Did you know we spend a third of our lives at work? It stands to reason that the spaces we spend the majority of our time should be thoughtfully built for maximum efficiency, comfort and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a new office, warehouse or restaurant, building a custom workspace can help meet your specific needs. NEFCON believes your workspace should have the following three benefits found in a custom commercial space:

Personalized tailored design will make the most of your space. A custom designed commercial build will reflect your business and its mission. Whether you need straightforward office space for an accounting business or a full build out to support a more complicated business, custom design ensures the space is built exactly to your specifications. By building a custom space, you can create an environment that is customizable and creative that you won’t outgrow. At NEFCON, we believe business owners should feel great about the environment where they’re building their company.


Improved fixed costs and tax benefits. When you own the building your business is in, there is no landlord constantly raising the rent. For budgeting, a fixed cost mortgage builds in predictability for cash flow. Additionally, your business can benefit from the tax deductions that come with owning commercial space. There are a number of property tax, mortgage interest, and depreciation deductions that help make building a custom office space financially attractive.


Convenient one-stop shop construction. At NEFCON, we guide you through the custom construction journey, taking you from design all the way through construction. With more than 50 years in the industry, we’ve built relationships across the region and can ensure you get the best price on raw materials and labor. While cost savings are great for your bottom line, you ultimately need a solid job expertly executed to produce a customized commercial space perfect for your business.


From improvement build-outs of shell space to entire from-scratch construction, NEFCON can help you explore all the custom-building options available to you. Contact our team today at 904-288-9834