The Benefits of Building a Custom Home

Your home is your sanctuary. No matter how stressful your day is, coming home and walking through the door of your beautiful home should be a joyous time. However, many people purchase a home they aren’t pleased with. NEFCON believes that you should get everything you want and more when you’re spending your hard-earned money. Please continue reading below as we explore the benefits of building a custom home and how they outweigh what’s available with other housing options. 



The main benefit of building custom is right in its name – custom. In a custom build, the homeowner gets to choose everything from top to bottom. If you’re in the market for a new home, you ultimately have two choices: build or buy. When you buy a home, you either have to love it as it is or put in the effort to renovate it to meet your needs. However, choosing to build a custom home, you make every decision from the floor plan to the fireplace’s finish. At NEFCON, we believe every homeowner should love their home. The best way to fall in love with your home from the very beginning is to work with a trusted team like ours to customize every element to your liking.


Attention to Detail

The fit and finish of a house are what can take it from looking good to looking great! Unfortunately, many home builders today overlook some of the intricate details that give a home its character. New communities are going up so quickly across much of Florida that some builders are more concerned with finishing a home than taking time to complete it to a high-quality standard. If build quality is a concern to you, constructing a custom home is the only option to ensure your house lives up to your standards. Custom home builders like those at NEFCON thoroughly examine every minor detail from the foundation to the interior finishes to create a space you will enjoy coming home to every day.


The benefits of building a custom home outweigh any other options. The levels of customization and attention to detail are truly unmatched. Consult with the NEFCON team today at 904-288-9834 to explore all the custom building options available to you and get started turning your dreams into a reality!