The Importance of Skilled Construction Management

Good construction management is the key to a successful build out. Construction projects are complex, to say the least. Hiring a team who have experience and understand the variety of different vendors, engineers and technicians that must come together to complete a building is the key to a successful build out. Only a third of construction businesses survive past five years due to the complexities and demands of the industry.


Here are the top 4 reasons why a skilled construction management team is so important:


Communication skills: Good communication is vital to a successful, safe construction site. There are many moving parts, numerous vendors including workers, engineers, and architects. Without clear communication, a busy construction site is a disaster waiting to happen.


Budget: Poor construction management will show up in your pocketbook first. Effective construction management must include budgeting that maps out which subcontractors you’ll need, total man hours to deploy and takes into account the cost and shipping of raw materials.


Timing:  By employing effective construction management, you can avoid any costly delays or lost profits from waiting for materials to arrive for specific phases of the project. Skilled construction managers build and follow a carefully crafted timeline to make sure labor, materials, and equipment are all working seamlessly hand-in-hand to complete construction on time and on budget.


Safety & Regulations: Construction managers are responsible for navigating the complicated red tape of the construction industry. Construction regulation is constantly changing and a good construction manager can ensure your building site follows all local, state and federal regulations. They are also in charge of overseeing safety precautions.


With more than 50 years of combined experience, the management team at Northeast Florida Contracting possesses all the right tools and skills to successfully manage complicated construction projects. The experts at NEFCON can walk you through our approach and process. Call us at 904-288-9834 to get started today!