The Ins and Outs of Land Development

There is a lot that goes into constructing a new home or commercial site that most people never see. There are three major phases to building a property from the ground up – site selection, development and construction. Land development is an in-depth, detail-oriented process that requires a ton of planning.


Developing land can be a complex and confusing task, but our skilled engineers can walk you through the development process from start to finish, including site selection and evaluation, environmental and soil studies, all the way through earthwork, actual construction, interior work and final inspections.


To start, you’ll want to evaluate property size, zoning restrictions and surrounding infrastructure before conducting a range of studies to determine feasibility of building on a specific location. These studies take into account a wide range of requirements before construction can ever begin including fire department requirements, lighting ordinances, as well as access and DOT requirements, among others. The complex nature of this phase alone requires industry experts to guide you through the labyrinth of guidelines and rules.


Once the research and due diligence phase is complete, survey staking takes place. This is where our talented architects physically map out the site before lot clearing and take soil samples in case any additional design modifications are needed. We take care of everything from stormwater management to parking design and erosion control.


Once you reach the construction phase of land development, you’ll begin to see your structure come to life. Our trusted team of engineers, developers and contractors install site utilities, framing, roofing and HVAC. This phase is the most exciting because you are finally seeing the development take a tangible form, however it can take months of hard work and research to get here. Once you see interior work, like doors, hardware, paint and fixtures, get installed you know you’re near the finish line and will soon be entering an entirely new space of your own making.


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